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Test study 3: Integration of modelling in environmental monitoring

The Danish monitoring programme NOVANA contains both traditional field monitoring and modelling activities using e.g. the national water resources model (DK-model). These two elements are, however, not fully integrated today. By assimilating field monitoring data and remote sensing data into the hydrological model it would be possible to obtain a more accurate assessment of the state of the environment and its variation in space and time as well as information on the uncertainties of the environmental variables. This will provide important information for environmental management, including assessment of indicators of climate change. Furthermore, more accurate hydrological modelling with associated uncertainty estimation can facilitate optimisation of the field monitoring programme.

The developed multi-variate data assimilation system will be applied with the existing MIKE SHE model of the Ringkøbing Fjord catchment and tested using data collected as part of the HOBE center activities.