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Work Package 1: Combining weather radar and NWP for short-range QPF


A QPF system that combines weather radar and high-resolution short-range NWP modelling will be developed. The core of the weather radar forecast model will be based on a combination of a storm cell and a radar reflectivity tracking model. A new type of forecast model that operates on radar volume data (the raw data from weather radars) will be developed in order to utilise the high-resolution data close to the radar.

Assimilation of weather radar will be based on a nudging scheme that is implemented in the NWP model. Critically important for the efficiency of the data assimilation system is the quality of the weather radar data. The project will develop more effective quality control algorithms for state-of-the-art dual polarisation radars. In particular, major improvement is expected in identifying and removing false echoes in the weather radar data.


The combined weather radar and NWP short-range QPF system will be applied and tested in Test study 1.



Preliminary results of weather forecast model based on assimilation of radar reflectivity for the extreme rainfall event in Copenhagen 2 July 2011.